A Full Guide on How to Setup IPTV on Samsung TV Tizen OS

A full Guide that will take you step by step on how to install and Setup Many popular IPTV players on your Samsung TV TizenOS

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Why You Have To Use A VPN When Streaming IPTV?


Samsung engineers are the experts in screens and that’s the main reason why Samsung Electronics is the world’s largest TV manufacturer.

unfortunately while their picture and hardware quality tops the software part sucks when it comes to IPTV, Tizen ( the operating system for Samsung Tvs ) has many limitations when streaming IPTV.

1- you can’t use the VPN

the VPN has become an essential part when streaming IPTV, unfortunately, you can’t find any VPN apps on their app store and if your ISP is applying restrictions on your IPTV provider you will not be able to watch any content.

2- you can’t download many great IPTV players

most IPTV players are available on Android what makes things even more difficult for Samsung TV users is the removal of many popular IPTV players from the app store and restrictions many others to the USA or a certain country only.

not to mention that IPTV Smarters Pro for instance although it’s free for end-users they require IPTV providers to pay a fee to authorize the connection for their domain name.

which means that even free IPTV players on Android are Not in Samsung Tizen OS.


luckily you can bypass all of these restrictions by using a streaming device such as a Firestick, a Chromecast with google TV or an Nvidia Shiel, or even an Android BOX.

using a device like a Chromecast will not just give you the ability to download VPN apps and other great IPTV players but also the user interface will be much more convenient and optimized for streaming IPTV.

getting a Firestick or a Chromecast is not that expensive investment because most devices cost less than 50$ and there’re widely available no matter where are you in the world.


1- Get A Firestick or a Chromecast ( 40$-50$/one-time payment )

2- Get a VPN subscription and install the VPN app on your TV ( 3.5$/month )

3- Get a Stable IPTV Subscription ( 7$-25$/ month )

4- Get Tivimate ( 4.99$/year for 5 devices )


of course, if you’re looking just for a cheap and easy way to stream IPTV there is no need to purchase a streaming device or a VPN subscription, you can follow along with the setup tutorials on this page to stream IPTV on Tizen OS

you will find the guides on the left sidebar if you’re visiting from your computer under Select a Player ( the same list is available below if you’re reading from your phone ) all you have to do is click on the IPTV player name to go to the setup tutorial for that particular player.

if you have any questions you can join our Subreddit under the name of R/IPTVHOW

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