How to setup MYIPTV player on Windows 11, 10, & 7. The best IPTV app for Windows

While using well-known apps like VLC can be the intuitive choice for many IPTV streamers on windows, MYIPTV app provides a more dedicated IPTV streaming experience which makes it a more favorable option especially since most popular IPTV players are available on Android only and installing android emulators like Bluestacks will just add some extra load that your Windows PC will not appreciate.

How to install MYIPTV player on a Windows PC

What I like the most about MYIPTV app is that you can install it directly from the Microsoft app store without having to bother with any extra steps.

The Microsoft store is accessible on any Windows PC, all you have to do is click on its icon or search for it on the search bar.

Once you open the Microsoft app store search for MYIPTV app and click on install.

That’s it, by doing this you have successfully installed MYIPTV app on your Windows PC and you can now start linking it to your IPTV provider server.

How to configure and connect MYIPTV APP to your IPTV provider server.

Before starting to do anything as always make sure to activate your VPN whenever you want to stream IPTV to keep your connection secure.

if you don’t have a VPN, now will be the perfect time to get a VPN subscription, there are many options to choose from and not all of them will be suitable for IPTV.

You can read my guide where I explained why you need the VPN to stream IPTV and what are the best VPN services for IPTV, but if you don’t have the time to research this subject I will highly recommend getting a subscription with ExpressVPN which I’ve been using for many years and it proved to be the best option to stream IPTV especially that they offer a very strong encryption that will allow you to bypass any restrictions from your ISP.

After installing the VPN app and activating it to your closest VPN server, open MYIPTV app and go to the settings.

Under Manage playlist and EPG you will find the option to add a new playlist and EPG source click on it.


it will give you three options to choose from ( go with the second one ):

1- Local channel list: this is where you link to an M3U file but it’s not recommended because the playlist will not get auto-updated.

2- Remote channel list: this is what we are looking for and here is where you will be able to add the M3U link that your providers gave you.

3- Program Guide ( EPG ): Optional and it will not be necessary because most IPTV providers link the EPG to the M3U link itself.

In this example, I am using a playlist that I got from but the process will be the same no matter which provider you’re subscribed to.

the M3U link that your provider will give you looks similar to this one:


just copy-paste on the remote channel list URL under the remote channel list option, ( you can write anything on the Remote channel list Name, I always write the provider name because I have multiple subscriptions so that I can distinguish between them in case I needed to contact their customer support. )

Once you fill in the details double-check for typos before clicking on add remote list.

add m3u link to my IPTV app on windows

At this point, you should be aware that the performance of MYIPYTV app depends on the performance of your Windows PC, if you’re getting any issues contact your provider’s support team to reduce the playlist size.

I always perfer sending them a list of countries I want to keep so that they can remove the rest, this significantly reduces the size of the M3U file and it much easier for your computer to proccess it.

by now you should see the channels displayed in groups on the channels tab but if you’re not seeing anything go back to the settings and scroll down to Select channel playlist so that you can refresh it and start downloading the channels.

MYIPTV APP Refresh IPTV Playlist

Keep in mind that sometimes the channels will not work because of their formate not being supported by Windows media player to solve this issue go to the settings and activate “USE Media player powered by VLC” under channels recording and VLC media player.

this will allow you to stream the channels no matter the format they have, keep in mind that installing VLC is not necessary to activate this option and it seems to be built it with MYIPTV app.

FAQs About MYIPTV Player

Is MYIPTV Player free?

Is MYIPTV Player Free?

MYIPTV PLayer is free for use and install, the app offers a premium addon to hide the ads which costs 1.79$ per device.

MYIPTV App says the M3U URL is not valid how to fix it?

This issue can happen for three main reasons.
1- The M3U Playlist is too large: in that case contact your IPTV provider to keep channels only from the countries you’re interested in.
2- Your ISP is throttling your streams: activating the VPN will fix it
3- Your Antivirus is blocking the connection: M3U links use an unencrypted format and most antiviruses will block the m3U link, if this happens to you search on how to exlude the M3U URL from the settings on your Antivirus.

Wrap UP

MyIPTV provides a simple solution for streaming IPTV on windows and with its straight-forward installing process you will manage to finish the setup within 5 minutes.

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