What are the best VPN services for IPTV, Top 3 VPN services to stream anonymously

using a VPN when streaming IPTV has become not just an optional choice to keep your connection secure but more of a requirement, due to the fact that more ISPs around the world start applying restrictions on what you stream.

In this article, I will share with you the best VPN services that I recommend and use alongside some important information on how to use the VPN correctly when streaming IPTV. ( there is a special offer for my top recommended VPN service ExpressVPN at the end of this article with 3 additional months for free )

Why do I need to use a VPN when streaming IPTV?

there’re three main reasons why you need to use a VPN when streaming IPTV

1- The content is locked to a certain region

many IPTV Services around the world block access to part or all of their content to one region only, Netflix is a good example of an IPTV provider that is known to block many of the content to a certain segment of users based on their location.

2- Bypass ISP throttling

if you’re in the UK there is a high chance that your ISP is either blocking the connection or at least throttling it, this doesn’t apply to the UK only but it has become a good example of how the future will look like for many other parts of the world too.

ISPs around the world are starting to optimize their systems to throttle the connection on IPTV services and using a VPN is the only way to bypass those restrictions.

Note: when using a VPN changing the location is not what bypasses those restrictions, the encryption that the VPN offers is what makes it hard for your IPS to monitor your streaming or distinguish whether you’re streaming IPTV or not.

that is why you need to choose a VPN service that comes with strong encryption, and keep in mind if your VPN service has servers in your country always choose those servers if you want to get the best speed there is no need

3- keep your identity and connection secure.

to stream IPTV you have to connect to the provider server and some personal information is being tracked such as your personal IP address that can directly identify your exact location, one of the most useful VPN features is hiding your personal IP address.

this will ensure that you can’t be tracked down when streaming IPTV.

What are the best VPN services for IPTV.

you can’t just choose any VPN service and start using it for IPTV there are some requirements that you need to look for when choosing the best VPN service for your needs.

1- Encryption

this will allow you to bypass the ISP throttling, the stronger the encryption the better because this way your ISP can’t analyze the content that you’re streaming or the server that you’re connecting to and therefore can’t apply any restrictions on you.

VPN services that have other products related to encryption are the best ones, NordVPN is a good example since it has two other services that are focused mainly on encryption this includes NordPass and NordLocker.

2- Speed

the more servers your VPN service has the more chances to get better speed, I will always recommend selecting your country on the VPN or the closest one to you to get the best speed possible.

it’s always a good idea to check what VPN services that have servers close to your location before choosing the best one for your needs, this way you ensure that you’re getting the lowest latency and therefore a seamless streaming experience.

3- Bandwidth

this is what distinguishes the free from premium VPN services, where almost every single free VPN service will apply bandwidth limitations on their free plans.

since IPTV requires streaming Videos unlimited bandwidth usage is a must-have, all the VPN services mentioned below have no limitations on bandwidth usage and you can enjoy your streaming without any interruptions from the VPN side.

4- What people have said about them.

although all the services I’ve recommended are ones I am either currently using or have used before I always recommend check customers’ reviews on site like trust pilot which will allow you to better understand how reliable this service is.

the more reviews it has the better, always go for a service that has more than 4.5-star reviews.

List of TOP VPN services for IPTV

with all the why part getting out of the way now we come to what you were really waiting for, I wanna keep it simple so this is a simple list of the VPN services that I recommend for IPTV.

I will suggest you first look for the reviews on Trustpilot + verify if it has servers near your country.

keep in mind that the links below are affiliate links, where I get a commission when you buy a plan at no extra cost to you.

all links come with the best discount available and purchasing through my links goes directly to support IPTV HOW to produce more content.

#1 ExpressVPN is my top recommended VPN for an obvious reason, it checks all the boxes. 

You get a stable APP that you will never experience any issues with, a large network that offers 160 server locations in 94 countries to ensure you’re getting the best speed possible, and most importantly very high encryption that will make sure your ISP never blocks your IPTV streams. 

My affiliate link offer gives you the best deal available with a 47% discount and 3 extra months free, click here iptvhow.com/ExpressVPN if you like to give it a try. 

#2 Private Internet Access 

Popular, cheap, and fast are the first words that pop into my mind when describing PIA VPN. But not just that Private internet access has the most VPN servers in this list with 29300 servers in 84 countries you can rest assured that you’re getting the best speed, what I like most about private internet access is the flexibility to change the encryption method and VPN protocols to choose what works best with your ISP.

You can order Private internet access through this link: iptvhow.com/PIA

#3 NordVPN 

Based in Panama that has no mandatory data retention laws to ensure your total privacy while streaming content online, NordVPN has as well a large VPN network that consists of 5398+ VPN servers to expect ultra-fast streaming with no buffering.

My Affiliate link gives you 70% off + gift, click here: iptvhow.com/NordVPN if you like to give it a try

Wrap Up

VPN has become a must-have when streaming IPTV, not all VPN services are the same and you always need to look for the ones that work best with IPTV, after getting a VPN finding a good IPTV provider is the next step you can check this guide to better understand how to choose the best IPTV provider for your needs and what are my recommendations.

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