How to Choose the Best IPTV Provider, 7 Tips to make the right decision

what is the best IPTV service? a good question but there no direct answer for it, it all depends on what you’re looking for you and what will work best for you based on your needs.

as you already know not all IPTV providers have the same channel list nor quality/stability, that is why you need to be careful when picking the best IPTV for you.

I’ve used multiple services in the past 6 years and as you can guess not all of them were exactly what they were promoting about themselves, but this thought me to look for certain parts when deciding if this provider will work for me.

I’ve shared what I am currently using in this article but this doesn’t mean you should use the same provider I am currently subscribed to, the goal of this article is to give you an idea of what makes a provider a good one and how you can tell before even subscribing or trying it out.

you can use the same process and apply it to any other IPTV provider you come across to define if it is worth giving a shot or not.

What To Expect From a Good Provider

I wanted to clear this out from the beginning because many new cord-cutters think that the best IPTV provider should not get any downtime at all.

that basically doesn’t exist, IPTV providers rely on servers to deliver the service, which means they are many things that can interfere with the connection such as attacks on the server, maintenance, an overload, dishes getting issues due to natural accidents ( heavy Rain, storm )…

that is why I always encourage getting a subscription from two different services at the same time, this way if one of them went down for any reason you can stay online until their technical team fixes the issue.

I am personally using two providers.

both of them are great as a stand-alone service and I rarely get issues with them, but it’s a good idea to have two providers which came in handy when major sports events are live and one of them starts getting issues.

Compensations: yes you can expect to get Compensations from good providers if anything wrong happens, from my experience I can get from 1-2 additional weeks for free if my provider had issues for a couple of hours.

not all providers do this but it’s a plus when choosing a good one and it indicates that they’re on the “best IPTV providers” category.

Things To Look For/Questions To Ask

  • Do they have the channels I am interested in?
  • What People are saying about them?
  • What is their insurance that I will either get the service running or get my money back?
  • do they have 24/7 customer support ( a plus )
  • do they support my device
  • do they limit me to their own IPTV player?
  • what payment method they have?

Channel-list: this is the most obvious thing you need to look for, I will highly recommend getting a copy of their channels list to check it by yourself, or if they have a channel list page on their website that will make things much more convenient.

if you are only looking for certain channels make sure to contact them and verify if the channels are working because most providers don’t update their channels list regularly and they might have an old copy of a channel that doesn’t exist anymore.

and this brings us to the next most important factor.

24/7 customer support: you might ask if I choose a good provider I will never need to contact their customer support, but you’re wrong if you’re expecting to get 100% uptime from your provider you’re either new or looking for something that doesn’t exist as I stated earlier.

good IPTV providers will make these issues happen to the minimum, sometimes some channel packages can go off without the provider knowing about it, this is where the 24/7 customer support comes in place where you can send them the channels’ names to fix them as soon as possible.

the customer support is not usefull in case of issues alone there’re many ways to benefit form their team like troublshooting issues with your setup and help you get the service running for you by providing setup guides and best practices.

Reviews: a good way to spot Scammers which they will either have negative reviews or no reviews at all, sites like trust pilot make it extremely hard for them to post fake reviews.

you can either search for their name or website URL on Trust pilot steer clear from any provider that doesn’t have any reviews at all because this is a good indication that they’re either new or scammers.

Payment Method: this is probably the last thing you think of when searching for a provider, but you want to make sure that the payment method is secure before subscribing to anyone.

paypal is my prefered payment method because I can get my money back if they didn’t send me the account details also paypal offerce an extact layer of protections by not intering your credit card info directy.

of course there is bitcoin payment, but I will highly recommend sticking with PayPal even if you don’t have an account with them ( they offer the option to pay with your credit card without creating an account )

do they force you to use their IPTV player? most new users have no idea that many providers limit you to use their “own” IPTV player which is 90% of the time is just a copy of IPTV Smarters Pro with different Icons and text.

I don’t like these limitations because independent players like Tivimate tend to have more stability.

refund policy/trial: because of the nature of IPTV most IPTV providers don’t have any refund policy at all, but the good ones will give you a period to properly test the service.

just be aware that some providers will scam you by giving you the trial on a premium server and send you another account on a much cheaper service when subscribing so pay attention to the server URL they send you and if it was different than the trial one ask for a refund.

Wrap up

finding a good IPTV provider ( Best IPTV ) should not be a hard mission if you knew exactly what to look for, when subscribing to a new one don’t pay them the full-year plan always test their service with the one-month plan before deciding if you want to renew with them or not.

keep in mind that your satisfaction is all about the expectations, downtime even if it sucks sometimes but it is a part of what you’re subscribing to no matter how good their service is, good providers tend to give you the best experience by minimizing any issues you might experience.

getting a backup server is the best way to ensure you’re always online no matter what happens.

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stephen jones
stephen jones
3 years ago

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2 years ago

Thanks for the tips. To me the most important issue after the channel list is customer support and payment method. I stay away from bitcoin. I would like to add one more tip to the list you have posted: I had used for more than a year one service that was quite good and had very good customer support. Its name was Helix IPTV. Unfortunately it was hacked and they had to close down. A few months ago (May 2021) I searched the web for Helix IPTV and I found a site that claimed to be HELIX. When I contacted them they replied to me with a different name. This is a bad sign, if somebody pretends to be what they are not, stay away from them. In other words, if you have heard of a good provider make sure that when you try to contact them, they are really what you were looking for.

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