How to install IPTV Smarters Pro on Samsung Smart TV Tizen OS Step by step guide

IPTV Smarters Player is considered to be one of the best IPTV players for Samsung Tizen OS, unlike other apps, it comes with the easiest user interface, and its features will allow you to enjoy an enhanced streaming experience in comparison to other IPTV players.

Luckily IPTV Smarters Pro is still available on the Samsung APP store. It will not require you to go through any additional steps to sideload it like Smart IPTV, which is an example of a popular IPTV player for Samsung that got removed without prior notice.

Part-1 Download/install IPTV Smarters from Samsung app store

before starting to search for this app on your device, keep in mind that this app according to the developer is only available on the USA web store and you need to first change your Tv location from the settings in order to find it.

changing your TV location is not that difficult task at all, all you have to do is go to the settings and look for country or location settings, click on it and choose the USA.

After that search for IPTV Smarters Player and click on install

Important note: Although IPTV Smarters Player is still available on the Samsung APP Store but getting a Firestick or another streaming device like an NVidia Shield will give you more options because the Samsung version has so limited options, there is no search or any real settings this can make the browsing experience a frustration.

a streaming device like Chromecast with google tv or Firestick will give you access to the Android version which comes with all the features not to mention that you will be able to use other great players like Tivimate and download VPN apps.

Part-2: Connect to your IPTV provider

depending on whether you already have a subscription with an IPTV provider or yet to get it, they all send you some links to connect to their servers, in this part I will explain to you how you can use this info to get access to the channels using your IPTV player.

Note: if you don’t already have a subscription with an IPTV provider you can check this guide on how to choose the best IPTV provider for your needs.

almost all IPTV providers will send you an m3u link, EPG link, and Xtream codes API and IPTV Smarters Player supports them all to properly use this info follow along with the steps below.

1- Open IPTV Smarters

like any other app click on its Icon to open it, you will find it available with the rest of your installed apps.

2- Accept the terms

if you like you can read the full page which is something recommended, but you will not be able to use the app unless you accept the terms, take your time reading them then click accept.

IPTV smarters pro terms

3- Choose Xtream Codes API

in this page you will find many options

  • Load Your Playlist Or file URL: ( another way to say m3u)
  • Load data from your device: the m3u file not recommended
  • Login with Xtream Codes API ( Top Recommended )
  • PLay a single stream

choose the Xtream codes API which in my opinion is the best way to connect to your provider server.

IPTV smarters pro connet

4- Fill-in your account info

as I said earlier your IPTV providers will send you some links, most likly an m3u link and an EPG link.

if you don’t see the Xtream Codes with the details don’t worry because you can easily extract it from the m3u link using this method.

the m3u link is always structured like this

if you like to get the Xtream Codes break down the link as follows.

  • URL: is this part ( )
  • Username: as you can tell is the XXXX after ?username=
  • Password: the same &password=XXXXX

Note: for the username and password copy only the XXXXX part ****which in your case will be random numbers and letters

after writing everything double check if you made any typos and click on add user.

5- Wait until IPTV Smarters Player downloads all the channels.

this will take only 1-4 minutes depending on your internet speed and how many channels you’re IPTV provider has given you access to.

you will see something like this.

Downloading Channels Movies and Series iptv smarters pro

6- Click on live TV

as you can tell IPTV Smarters Pro Interface makes it easy to navigate the content, you have a separate section for live TV and the same for movies and series.

IPTV smarters pro interface


This a common error and it could happen for various reasons.

1- Your ISP is applying restrcitions

if this is your first time connecting and you started getting this error that will be most likely because of your ISP which is applying restrictions on your IPTV providers, keep in mind that those restrictions are applied mainly on the most popular IPTV services. and sometimes they can be applied only to one type of content like the VOD, which is easier to analyze for the ISP and identify.

the only fix for this problem is using a VPN service, you can check this article if you like to have a better idea of what are the best VPN services for IPTV and how you can properly use them.

2- you are using it on multiple devices at the same time

as you already know your subscription will most likely come with one connection only this means that you can use it on one single device at any given time.

make sure to log out from any other IPTV player you’ve previously used this should eliminate the one connection limit to be the cause.

3- You’re using a poor VPN service

yes not all VPN services are the same and you should always use the one with the best encryption, it doesn’t matter how many servers they have, all of what you’re looking for is good speed and strong encryption to bypass the restrictions from your ISP which in this case can’t analyze the content and identify if it’s IPTV or Not.

4- your proider server is down

it is a normal part of IPTV to get a temporary downtime, due to many reasons like attacks on the server, poor infostructure, overload on the streaming, maintenance, and updates…

if you tried everything and still have this issue, send a message to your provider and ask if they’re experiencing any issues in the server they should let you know if other customers have reported this or in case they’re doing maintenance.

5- you’re connecting from a different country

some IPTV servers have a country lock, and the first one you connect from becomes your account default country, which means if you ever tried to connect from an IP address that is within another country your connection will get blocked automatically.

you can easily test if this is the case by connecting on the VPN from the first country or asking your IPTV provider.

Although IPTV Smarters is free for you, providers need to pay a fee to the company to authorize the connection to their servers ( only on LG and Samsung operating systems ).

if you’re getting this error, contact your IPTV provider and ask them to provide you with the link that they have registered with on IPTV Smarters’ official website.

if the link didn’t help, you will have to use another IPTV player or get a firestick because this issue is only on LG Web OS and Samsung Tizen operating systems.

Another common issue which you can easily fix by refreshing the channels list, follow along with the screenshots below to manually redownload the channels.

Refresh the channels list on IPTV Smarters Pro

this could be either ISP blocking the copyrighted connected because it’s much easier for their system to analyze over live TV or your IPTV provider have problems in the VOD contact them and check if this is the case.

Just like the case of the live channels, the EPG could also don’t get successfully downloaded and all you need to do is update the TV guide as shown on the screenshot below.


Refresh the channel list IPTV Smarters Pro

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2 years ago

It hasn’t been available on the Samsung app store all year. Unless there’s a way to install it manually from a USB stick, this isn’t going to work on a Samsung TV.

Richard Turnock
Richard Turnock
2 years ago
Reply to  Dan

I have always seen it in the Samsung app store. Perhaps you need to change your country to USA.

2 years ago

I changed the country to USA, yet the App is not available .. maybe it was withdrawn alltogether from samsung app store ??

Michael Farnum
Michael Farnum
2 years ago
Reply to  Sami

I have the iptv smarters app loaded on samsung un6500 series tv however I don’t have an install epg button is this right that samsunv doest have ig available or an I missing something

sharuddin shariff
sharuddin shariff
2 years ago

I ut the epg as indicated but still cannot add user, ie Authorizastion failed for above host, but i have this issue of other apps.

2 years ago

Even I have and install Pro version on my SamsunGtV, when I open It is not PRO, and i don`t have puchase add free version button above.
How to activate Pro version ?

2 years ago

Samsung smart not working feilld authorize.

2 years ago

If you have a Samsung Tizen tv and want to use the Smarters app, good luck. For some stupid reason your iptv provider has to pay 120 dollars to Smarters TV to unlock their service!!! It says so in the faq on the Smarters site.

Funny enough on my samsung phone and tablet I can use the Smarters app with the same login from my provider.

IPTV Smarters
IPTV Smarters
2 years ago

The New Version of IPTV Smarters v1.0.8 for LG Smart TV has been approved today on the LG store. 
Store link👉:

Ben Smith
Ben Smith
2 years ago
Reply to  IPTV Smarters

Are you able to access the EPG still?

2 years ago

The app will not download

1 year ago

IPTV Smarters is back on samsung tv store but still not a pro version and it is not giving us option to buy ad free version. I tried using it without pro but it stop working after few hours

1 year ago

is there a way to download the application on a USB and upload it to the Samsung Smart tv

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