How to watch and setup IPTV on an LG TV Web Os Step by step streaming tutorial

You have an LG TV and you’re ready to ditch the expensive CableTV subscription and start streaming IPTV today, I hate to be the one who brings you this news but the process is not as simple as you thought. 

Yes, it’s possible to stream IPTV on your LG TV with no special setup but you will face some limitations that come with the TV operating system itself. 

For starters, LG has been removing many IPTV players from its store, which means you’re left with fewer and fewer options to choose from every time this happens. 

Many popular IPTV players are either removed or available in some regions only, what makes things worse is that even after you manage to download the app you like you will most likely end up with fewer features since most APP developers build their apps for Android devices and the LG version has just the most basic features, IPTV Smarters is good example of that. 

Having less options/features to choose from and use is not the end of the story, because WebOS ( the operating system of LG TVs ) doesn’t support the VPN at all. 

and if you’re ISP is throttling or blocking your connection you can say goodbye to streaming IPTV on your LG TV. 

The best way to stream IPTV on an LG TV. 

Luckily there is a simple solution for these issues and it’s getting an Android streaming device like a Chromecast with google TV or a Firestick which will enable your TV to run on Android and download Android apps. 

Getting a streaming device for 40$-50$ opens a whole new world of possibilities and gives you more IPTV players to choose from. 

Apps like Tivimate that you can’t use on your default TV operating system are now easily accessed which will enhance your streaming experience in ways that are not possible with LG WebOS. 

If this sounds good to you, I will suggest you visit our IPTV devices page to check the other setup tutorials for Android streaming devices, recommend once you attach the streaming device to your TV make sure to first downlaod the VPN app if you don’t already have a VPN I will recommend getting a subscription with ExpressVPN since I have tested many VPN services and it proved to be the best option for IPTV, you can get it from my affiliate link below to benefit from the best discount available. 

but if you’re just starting out and want to give WebOS a try you can check the setup guides below. 

How to stream IPTV on an LG TV without a streaming device. 

Getting an Android streaming device is a good thing to enhance your streaming experience, but you’re still able to stream IPTV on WebOS if your ISP is not blocking the connection. 

Below you will find links for tutorials to all the LG IPTV players that I covered in this blog, click on the green button to check the setup instructions for each app. 

IPTV Smarters app logo

IPTV Smarters

Not available on all regions

IPTV Smarters is a popular IPTV player for both Samsung and LG TV, unfortunately it’s available only in some regions and it has less features then the Android version of the APP.

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