How to stream and setup IPTV on MacBook, iMac and other Mac OS devices

What I like most about IPTV is the flexibility to use it on a wide range of operating systems, this includes the MAC OS ecosystem as well, which means that you can enjoy watching IPTV on the go using the device you have, But unfortunately being a solution available on many operating systems doesn’t mean that you will get to experience IPTV the same way on every device you own and that’s basically because most IPTV players are available mainly for Android devices.

Less options doesn’t particularly mean you’re getting a less enjoyable streaming experience on your MAC computer, and in this guide I will explain in details all what you need to know about the requirements to stream IPTV on your MacOS computer as well as links to setup tutorials for the most popular IPTV players.

What are the requirements to stream IPTV on a MacBook, iMac or another MAC computer

Having an Internet connection that’s above 15 Mbps as well as a MAC computer will cover the basic requirements but you still need three other parts to be able to stream IPTV on your MacBook Or iMac.

The first and most obvious one is the IPTV subscription which you can easily get by doing simple search on google but this comes with many risks especially when subscribing to a none popular IPTV provider, that’s why it’s always best to do some research on any provider before subscribing. In my tutorials I use but there are many other great providers out there that offer different packages at different pricing points.

I will highly suggest you to check the guide below where I covered all of what you need to know about subscribing to a new provider and what are the things that you should look for when doing that.

How to Choose the Best IPTV Provider for your needs.

The second requirement is the VPN subscription, and while sometimes it can work without a VPN if your ISP is not throttling your connection or blocking your provider it’s always best to stream over the VPN. So make sure to download a VPN on your computer and if you don’t already have one I recommend ExpressVPN for best speed and encryption.

The last requirement is the IPTV player, which is the app that will connect to your IPTV provider server and display the IPTV channels on your MAC computer, as I said earlier most IPTV players and developed specifically for Android that’s why you will notice that they’re less options for MacBooks in the section below you will find setup guides for all IPTV players that work on MacOS all you have to do is click on the green button under each player to jump to the setup instructions.

VLC media player Logo


A simple way to stream IPTV on a Macbook

VLC is a widely used program for streaming media, in this guide you will learn how to use it the right way to stream IPTV your Mac OS devices.

IPTV Smarters app logo

IPTV Smarters

Best Free IPTV APP

You should be aware that IPTV Smarters still doesn’t support M1 chips.

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