A Full Guide to Setup IPTV On Macbook Pro, Air and iMAC

A full Guide that will take you step by step on how to install and Setup Many popular IPTV players on your MAC OS

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Why You Have To Use A VPN When Streaming IPTV?


what I like most about IPTV is the flexibility to use it on a wide range of devices, this includes the MAC OS ecosystem.

luckily there’re many options to choose from when it comes to the IPTV players that you can install in your Macbook to stream IPTV.

I personally prefer IPTV Smarters pro since it has a native MAC os version that you can download on your laptop and start using right away.

On this page, you will notice that I have covered many other popular IPTV players such as Kodi to give you the freedom to choose the IPTV player that you like the most.

to access the setup guides click on the IPTV player name on either the left sidebar if you’re visiting from your laptop or below under Select a player if you’re reading from your phone.

all setup guide comes with screenshots and step by step explanation to easier for you to follow along without the need to have any previous background on IPTV

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